What Is Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted And How To Use It

Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can create a feeling of warmth and serve as a focal point within the room. It can also add a decorative element to the room without causing the space to become too warm.

Before installing, check the dimensions of the fireplace and the glass front panel. Install it away from any flammable materials.


Addition of a wall-mounted electric fireplace to your home will enhance its appearance in a subtle manner. Contrary to traditional models which require chimneys and vent pipes, this kind of wall-mounted electric fire has no obvious openings in the walls or vents. This makes them less prone to causing damage or attract insects. In addition, they are less expensive to buy and install than built-in electric fireplaces.

The sleek design of this electric wall-mounted fireplace will fit in with most decors. Its frame comes in a variety of finishes such as black and modern stainless steel. It can be even paired with a flat screen TV to create an entertainment wall. Some models come with adjustable flame settings and dual heat settings for year-round enjoyment.

If you're looking for a more striking appearance, you can choose an electric fireplace that has a round design. They are simple to install since they're a plug-in unit that doesn't require any wiring. These fireplaces are safe for pets and children as they don't emit smoke or heat.

A 3-sided electric fire with LED backlighting is a different option. This creates the look of a real fire. This option is more versatile since it can be used in any room as a decoration. It is important to keep the cord of the electric fireplace away from objects that are flammable.

Select a model that has an mirrored front to create an elegant look for your home. The mirror's surface helps make the room appear brighter, while the wide frame gives an imposing appearance. Some fireplaces come with remote controls, timers and other options.

The electric fireplace wall-mounted can be used to heat a medium-sized room. It is low-profile, meaning you'll be able to save space. The mirrored glass makes it easier to see your electronic devices, including flat-screen TVs. You can also select one with a built-in fan to increase the airflow around the unit. This will keep your room cool and comfortable, and will reduce dust accumulation.

Heating a Medium-Sized Space

Many homeowners opt for electric fireplaces on their walls because it's an alternative to wood or gas fires. Modern models are easily operated, do not require venting, and can either be installed in a recess or on a wall to create a more built-in appearance. They also come with a variety of heat and flame color options. Some models even include a remote control.

You can find a model to suit your space and budget from a variety of finishes, styles and sizes. Some models have wide frames and a large footprint, which is perfect for mantels already in place. Others are narrower elongated models that fit under a TV wall mount or floating shelves.

Certain models are fully integrated into the wall to create an impressive architectural design, while others protrude from the wall for an extra decorative feature. This is a great choice for those who reside in townhomes, condominiums or condominiums where gas or wood fireplaces is not an option.

Electric fireplaces that don't require vents are made to be hung on the wall or inset into a 2x4 stud wall. This makes them a perfect choice for remodeled rooms or new construction, as well as remodels in multifamily houses. They are simple to put up and can be hung on your own with no tools. They can also be used to add warmth to any space without the need for the traditional wood or gas fireplace.

It is crucial to check the installation instructions specific to your fireplace prior to starting. They may differ slightly from the ones we offer but they will assist you to adhere to the correct procedures for a safe and efficient installation. Make sure your wall can support the weight of the fireplace. It is important to have at least two studs and drywall anchors in your wall. Verify that there is a three-spot socket close to the fireplace cord.

When deciding where to put your wall-mount electric fireplace, it is important to keep in mind that these units can be used in any space, so long as the area is located indoors and is not subject to moisture or water. It is also best to electric fireplace with mantel avoid placing these units close to anything that is flammable like curtains or drapes.

Easy to Install

If you're looking for an easy and simple project to finish, consider installing an electric fireplace that is wall-mounted. These fireplaces are available in various sizes and styles which means you'll be able to find one that suits your decor. They are also secure and easy to maintain.

Before starting the installation process, you must remove the fireplace from its box and test it to ensure it works properly. Try experimenting with the settings and connect it to see how it looks. When you are certain that the fireplace is working correctly take it out and store it in a safe place until you are ready to put it back in it.

For the fireplace to be installed, first take measurements of the wall opening and mark them with a pencil. If needed, build out the space or construct a frame to accommodate the fireplace. After the frame is constructed, you can tape and mud the wall if necessary. Once the drywall is dry, you can mount the fireplace to the brackets that are used for mounting. If your fireplace has hooks or slots on the back connect them to the proper positions on the brackets for mounting.

If you'd like you want to add media to the fireplace after installation, like logs, stones or embers. After that, turn on the fireplace to enjoy its ambience. Some models have different flame brightness settings that you can alter to the mood you prefer.

Contrary to traditional wood-burning fireplaces electric fireplaces mounted on walls don't require a vent that makes them safer and more convenient to use. They also don't produce any smoke or fumes which can improve the quality of indoor air. Some models have LED lights that can be adjusted to provide different effects, depending on the model you choose.


A wall-mounted electric fireplace is an attractive way to heat the room without causing significant amount of heat buildup. This style of fireplace operates by drawing cool air in from the room, warming it with the help of a heating coil and then pushing it out through a fan. This creates an air draft that is safe for pets and small children. The front of the fireplace also sits flush against the wall for a modern aesthetic that will look great in any room.

This type of fireplace can also be used when the heater is turned off. This lets you relax and enjoy the ambience of the flames without heat to relax after a long day. They are also affordable to operate and are an excellent source of heating for a living area or bedroom. The average cost of operating one of these units with the heater turned on is just 3 cents per hour and 8-12 cents for an hour when the flames are running.

The best wall-mounted fireplaces have a remote control with numerous functions to adjust the flame and temperature settings. A lot of these models come with a display panel that displays the current settings. Certain fireplaces cannot be recessed into a wall. Review the specifications of each one to determine whether it meets your requirements.

If you are deciding between a recessed or wall-mounted electric fireplace, you will have to think about the style and design of your home. A recessed fireplace is suitable for any space, but it's not as flexible as a wall-mounted one.

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can be mounted on the surface of a wall or recessed into it. It is much easier to install an electric fireplace that is wall-mounted than a recessed one since it does not require cutting into the wall's studs or re-inforcing it. It requires an electrical outlet to plug in the unit.

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